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Federal Confederation of Municipalities Releases Strategies for Poverty Reduction


The Federal Confederation of Municipalities has released its Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy from July 2017. In the strategy, 12 recommendations are made to help reduce poverty. Following are the major highlights, which align with the values and intent of Right at Home Housing Society:

1. Prioritize social and affordable housing repair and construction

The Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy takes note that “safe, affordable housing is the bedrock of livable communities”. It states that repairing social and affordable housing, as well as new construction, can help to achieve this goal.

Right at Home Housing Society relies heavily on funding from third parties as well as government grants to build more affordable housing units. We’ve re-designed our donations page to make it easier for those who believe in our work to support us financially. All donations go directly to our housing development fund, and thus support the construction and repair of affordable housing.

2. Distinctly support newcomers’ housing needs

Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy: North Glenora Townhomes are a partnership with the Edmonton Mennonite Center for Newcomers
The RAHHS North Glenora Townhomes are undergoing a family selection process in partnership with the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

Newcomers’ needs for affordable housing are recognized in the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy. While this is not the major priority of Right at Home Housing Society, we do recognize the struggles newcomers face. Right at Home Housing Society has recently partnered with The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to select families who will call North Glenora home.

3. Boost access to quality public transit

The Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy focuses efforts on connecting low-income families to mobility via public transit. Right at Home Housing Society supports accessibility, and we carefully choose to develop housing in neighbourhoods close to amenities and services, including public transit.


Other highlights of the strategy include: providing affordable childcare to low-income families, evaluating current investments that support low-income seniors, and many more proactive suggestions. In conclusion, we highly recommend reading the entire report and starting a conversation about how to better reduce poverty in your city.

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