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APPROACH [how we work]

We build and manage high quality affordable housing to meet the needs of our community.

We provide a positive alternative for those currently without a home, living in substandard accommodation, or spending a disproportionate amount of their income on housing.

We provide a range of supportive services for our residents, including a non-judgmental and inclusive community, mentor and peer support, and opportunities for life skill development.

We ensure our housing developments are sensitive to community context and are well integrated into surrounding neighbourhoods, both socially and physically.

We work to develop community acceptance for the work we do. This means building relationships and awareness in the communities where we operate and among the public in general.

To read more about our approach, review our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

How our approach at Right at Home Housing Society is making a difference:

  • Number of Edmontonians receiving housing through Right at Home: 1,000+
  • What Right at Home could net by renting properties at Market Value: $3 million
  • What we actually rent our properties out at: $1.3 million; thus meeting clients’ needs for an affordable home
  • Percentage of residents who indicated we’ve increased their quality of life: 88%

PRIORITIES [our goals]

Project Development

Grow the number and range of homes we provide to meet the diverse needs of our community in collaboration with key partners and stakeholders.

Government Relations

Increase awareness and appreciation of the accrued community benefits of our work among elected and senior government officials to secure investment for existing and future projects.

Community Relations + Fund Development

Increase awareness of our work among the public, decision-makers, and donors to support a robust and diversified funding base. Engage the public to shift the conversation around affordable housing to gain support for our projects.

Resident Supports + Reconciliation

Maintain tenancies and deliver a range of culturally enriched supports in partnership with other service providers. Build a sense of belonging for residents within their buildings and the broader community. Identify and execute concrete actions to support reconciliation.

Board Governance + Human Resources

Attract and retain board members with a range of attributes and experience, and create systems and policies to provide direction and accountability of board and staff. Identify opportunities for capacity building and ensure a safe and supportive working environment.