Montrose Townhomes for Multi-Generational Families
Our Montrose Townhomes will serve large, multigenerational families experiencing poverty and replace two derelict houses on the land that was purchased.
Extending the Life Cycle of 30+ Year Affordable Housing 
Financial Literacy Program for Tenants
Servus Credit Union provides a financial literacy program for tenants of Right at Home Housing Society to overcome poverty
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Adds Affordable Housing to its Community
The St. Paul's Legacy Project will add 11 affordable homes to un-used land space
Tenant Feature: Omamoo-Wango-Gamik Resident Finds Tenancy Brings a New Lease on Life
Omamoo-Wango-Gamik (Belvedere) is an Indigenous-led housing initiative that provides homes to people who are unable to find adequate housing. Avienda has found herself as part of the community that is built within this housing complex.
Collaborating with Partners in the Provision of Transitional Housing
Right at Home Housing Society launched its Supportive Tenant Employment Program and Services (STEPS) social enterprise in 2019, in hopes to expand our current casual labour program in which tenants learn skills and earn extra income.
A Natural Leader: Anne Stevenson
We congratulate our colleague Anne Stevenson on a successful political campaign and induction into Edmonton’s City Council as the officially elected Councilor for Ward O’Day’Min.
Tenant Feature: Right at Home's Supportive Environment
Robert (Bob) Gayford has been a tenant with Right at Home for almost 10 years. He is a former Special Olympics competitor in swimming, track, and floor hockey, with humble beginnings growing up in Saskatchewan and later finding a home in …
A Lasting Legacy: Robert Wm. Smith
It is with great sadness that one of Right at Home’s most caring and active supporters passed away in May of 2021. Robert Wm. Smith was on the Board of Directors with Right at Home for two terms, from 2006-2012.
We're Peekin at the Beacon
The Beacon, located in the north east community neighbourhood of Beacon Heights, will provide 21 new homes on what used to be a hotel parking lot. A look at the rendering shows stacked townhomes that will provide a mix of two, three and four bedroom …
Leadership Within Our Homes
Right at Home takes pride in building our communities, both within the neighbourhoods where we develop our properties and within our own homes.
Voting YES In My Back Yard
An affordable home for all Albertans is a must!  In the upcoming election, we encourage you to ask your local candidates if they plan to be a champion for affordable housing.
Meeting Our Neighbours In Terwillegar
Right at Home Housing Society has been invited by the Holy Trinity Riverbend Anglican Church to develop a family-oriented, mixed-income housing development on their property located in the Terwillegar neighbourhood. We are at the initial planning …
From Empty Space to a Welcoming Place
As Right at Home Housing Society expands its reach and serves more of our population that faces housing insecurity, we choose to continue to innovate on how we develop comprehensive solutions for affordable housing. Our Millbourne Mews site is a …