Right at Home Housing Society was officially born a year ago, on May 24 2016. We had been talking about the details of amalgamating The Edmonton Inner City Housing Society and Intermet Housing Society for quite some time. On May 24th of last year, we officially launched our new name. As we look back, we review the progress we’ve made, and the support that we continue to grow.

So what is in a name?

The former name we held, The Edmonton Inner City Housing Society, had started to lose its meaning. What once started as an organization aiming to provide homes for our inner city residents, began to limit the future of our tenants. The stigma that surrounded the inner city, as well as restrictions for the areas within Edmonton that our tenants could live, was not congruent with our intent to help individuals grow beyond their living situation.  With a new name, comes a new outlook. That outlook entails that not one person who lives within our buildings is a victim of the inner city stigma. It shows that our tenants are welcome to stay within our housing so long as it serves them a purpose. Lastly, our new name reflects that we welcome our tenants to make themselves right at home for the foreseeable future.

A review of the last year

When we first launched the new brand of our organization, we announced the construction of four new developments that will include 78 units designed to house up to 250 residents. We review the progress made on these projects a year later. The following projects have seen developments made towards providing more housing for our future tenants:

North Glenora Project

Our development in North Glenora is being built quickly by Habitat Studio and will be move-in ready for September, 2017. It will add approximately 35 new students to Coronation school, and uses solar panels to create a net-zero energy home.

Our 6-unit townhomes in Milbourne will serve large families. We continue to raise funds towards the development of the above rendering.

Our 6-unit townhomes in Milbourne will serve large families. We continue to raise funds towards the development of the above rendering.



















Review of our Belvedere Development

Our site at Belvedere, shown in the above render, will provide access to transportation for many of our tenants. We are in the process of securing capital investment for the development of this project.















Continuing to support Right at Home Housing Society

We thank those who have shown support of the work we do and continue to do so. If you are a recent supporter, we invite you to share in the ways others are lending their efforts:

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