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Right at Home Housing Society is a community-based, not-for-profit charity that has a 35 year history of delivering safe, stable, and affordable housing for Edmontonians.

Right at Home is the legacy of two community-based organizations – the Edmonton Inner City Housing Society and Intermet. Both of the organizations started in the economically challenging times of the mid-1980s when concerned citizens noticed a growing challenge for families and individuals to gain access to housing that met their needs. These citizens came together to build community-based housing solutions for their neighbours.

In 2015, Edmonton Inner City Housing Society and Intermet joined forces to build off the great work of each organization and combine experience, expertise, resources to bring a city-wide focus to affordable housing. Today we provide safe, stable and affordable homes to over 1,000 households across Edmonton, including close to 600 children and their families.

To read more about our approach, review our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan.

Supportive Management Model

We pioneered the concept of a resident-focused supportive management model, which provides additional resources to empower residents to thrive and take part in community life.  Right at Home employs dedicated project managers who focus on the well being of their residents. We work closely with tenants to build a trusting rapport and establish open communications. We liaise with service providers in the community and create opportunities for work and volunteer opportunities.

Property Development

Right at Home Housing Society develops, owns and operates properties throughout the city.  Our organization’s success rests on our ability to build partnerships, and our commitment to property development that adds value to a neighbourhood.

We currently own and manage over 25 properties . We have been diligent in reinvesting in our buildings in order to ensure they are maintained to the highest standard. This guarantees safe living conditions for our residents and a lasting supply of quality affordable housing in our city. We are also able to finance a variety of new projects as a result of our exceptional management and ability to leverage our assets. Check out our upcoming projects.



Creating Change

Right at Home makes a difference by:

  • Investing in communities to provide housing choices for all.
  • Reducing poverty and improving the quality of life for families and individuals facing housing insecurity.
  • Increasing the likelihood of success in school and work by providing stability at home.
  • Providing supports for our residents to reduce costs associated with primary health care.
  • Ensuring inclusiveness and diversity in our communities.