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There are thousands of people in the Edmonton area who don’t have a safe place to call their own. 

Right at Home Housing Society is proud to be providing affordable housing solutions to over 1,000 residents throughout the City of Edmonton. We continue to work hard to increase our number of tenants in order to meet the growing demand for affordable housing solutions.

Our units offer affordable housing according to various criteria (which vary from property-to-property). This includes:

  • Low End of Market Rates (LEM) housing
  • Rent Geared to Income (RGI) subsidized housing
  • Fair market rate housing
  • Housing tied to a percentage of market rate

It is estimated that Edmonton has a shortfall of 22,000 low income housing units. The need far outstrips the number of homes available. Right at Home has more people on our wait lists than we have total units. As a result, it can take up to three years before individuals can become tenants with Right at Home Housing Society.

As people wait for a place to call home they are often forced to live wherever they can. That can mean residing in crowded conditions, in poor quality or inadequately maintained housing. Often the person has to deal with mold, bugs and pests. It can also mean staying with friends – or living on the street or in a car.

A home is the foundation for success.

Research shows that families with access to affordable housing benefit in many ways. Our tenants are more likely to have the following advantages:

  • They take better care of their nutrition and physical health.
  • They show decreased levels of stress, depression and hopelessness.
  • They feel increased levels of safety and security.

Our lower rents come with greater support.

Right at Home is committed to doing everything we can to help our residents succeed. Through our supportive management model we provide tenants with additional resources and help them gain skills by providing casual labour and volunteer opportunities.