The official amalgamation of two organizations occurred on August 18 2017, which recognized Right at Home Housing Society as a single operation by the Government of Alberta Societies Act. As a result, we are exploring ways in which to better streamline our processes. The improved operation of our society is imperative in order to better serve our tenants. Right at Home Housing Society has been working to streamline efficiency within our walls. Here are two ways we plan to do this:

Implement A New Software System

Yardi is a new software program that will streamline property management and administrative duties

Right at Home Housing Society implemented a new software system called Yardi on October 1, 2017 . The software is designed to streamline property management operations within organizations that serve low-income tenants. It has proven helpful for other organizations, such as Capital Region Housing Corporation here in Edmonton. Yardi allows for more fluidity between property management and administrative duties, contrasting with our previous software.

Yardi also adds the bonus of traceable data for our learning. This includes: wait-list analytics, maintenance turnaround times, and tenant history.  Right at Home Housing Society will use the software to better serve clients and tenants with the data analyses. In addition, we can streamline the efficiency in which our internal processes occur.

Streamline Maintenance Procedures

We are in the preliminary planning stages of restructuring our maintenance system. Building maintenance and repairs are a large part of our operations. Previously, project managers would oversee the maintenance required for their respective properties. From our 2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey, Right at Home saw that there is a need for more timely turnaround of the maintenance requests submitted by our tenants.

We are planning a structural shift in which we will hire an employee to be designated as a maintenance manager. As a result, we expect more direct supervision of the the work conducted. Right at Home feels strongly that a restructured maintenance team will streamline the current procedures. Additionally, it will ensure that maintenance work is prioritized more efficiently and effectively. We hope to report higher tenant satisfaction surrounding this area in our 2018 survey as a direct result.  As we develop this new program, we will keep supporters abreast of its operations and improvements witnessed .


Right at Home will explore ways in which to improve our operations as we grow under our new branding, ; therefore, improving the lives of the population we serve.