Grande Villa Casino Our casino, which raises valuable funding towards affordable housing development, is right around the corner. We will be hosting our casino on June 12 & 13, 2017,at the new Grande Villa Casino, located downtown at  10224 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB. Our organization is currently seeking volunteers who would like to contribute towards our future here at Right at Home. Our previous casino fundraiser in 2015 has gone towards funding many opportunities for our current and future tenants, including:

  • Construction on our Belvedere affordable housing site
  • Development on our Westmount site, to be finished in the fall of 2017

We hope that our 2017 casino fundraiser will provide even further opportunities for afffordable housing in Edmonton. To do this, we need dedicated volunteers for our largest fundraising opportunity.

How to Volunteer for our Casino:

Positions for volunteer opportunities are being filled, but there are several time slots remaining. We are eager to include our supporters in this fundraiser. Please submit a PDF application through our email at if you would like to participate. Please indicate the time slot you would like to fill, and the position – if you have a preference as a chip runner or countroom participant, please indicate as such in your email, as the application does not have a box to check off.

We thank you for all of your support, whether it be through donation, volunteerism, or spreading the word about the work we do.