St. Paul's Lutheran Church Legacy Project
Our St. Paul's Legacy project property will provide 11 new homes for families and individuals. The project also includes a community space that will bring neighbours together.
Edmiston Apartments
Our Edmiston site offers 93 units of affordable housing for individuals and small families, a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms.
A mix of family and individual units, this 42-unit complex serves over 60 people experiencing homelessness a stable home. Our Belvedere project is managed in partnership with Niginan Housing Ventures and provides culturally appropriate support …
Westwood apartments provide a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units for individuals and small families, operated by a supportive management model.
81 Street Apartments
This 17-unit apartment offers a mix of one and two-bedroom units of supportive housing for those needing affordable housing in Edmonton
82 St Corner Homes
82nd Street Corner Homes offers 14 supportive housing units, with a mix of family and individual units at affordable rents
Eastwood Heights
Eastwood Heights contains 34 supportive housing units, a mix of one-bedroom units for individuals and two-bedroom units for small families experiencing housing insecurity.
Auclair Manor
Auclair Manor is a 26-unit apartment that offers supportive housing consisting of bedsit, bachelor, and one-bedroom suites for individuals experiencing housing insecurity.
McCauley Elms
McCauley Elms is a 24-unit apartment that offers one-bedroom supportive housing options for individuals experiencing housing insecurity. It includes two barrier-free units for disabled tenants.
Harry Holt Place
This 16-unit stacked row house provides supportive housing to individuals and couples who were formerly homeless. It includes 2 barrier-free units. It is named after our first tenant, Harry Holt.
Rotary Millennium House
Rotary Millennium House is a 25-unit walk up apartment in south McCauley that offers supportive housing to individuals and couples.
Homebase 26-unit walkup is located in the community of Delton, and offers affordable and supportive long-term housing for individuals experiencing housing insecurity. 
Eastwood North
Eastwood North is a 10-unit stacked row house that provides supportive housing for large families and individuals. It includes 2 barrier-free units.
Boyle Street South
Boyle Street South affordable housing contains 20 bachelor units for individuals in a supportive housing environment.
Robert Wm. Smith Residence
A 27-unit walk up, made up of modestly sized 1-bedroom units, including 9 barrier-free units. This property is operated under a supportive management model.