St. Paul's Lutheran Church Legacy Project
Our St. Paul's Legacy project property will provide 11 new homes for families and individuals. The project also includes a community space that will bring neighbours together.
Edmiston Apartments
Our Edmiston site offers 93 units of affordable housing for individuals and small families, a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms.
Our new Montrose property will provide 8 new homes for large and small families. The building is slated to open to residents in July of 2023.
Betty Farrell Residence
This four-plex provides supportive and affordable housing to families. The project was made possible by a generous donation to Right at Home Housing Society by Betty Farrell, a long-time supporter of our organization.
Millbourne Townhomes
Our Millbourne Townhomes site offers 6 units of affordable housing for large families.
Hazeldean Heights
Hazeldean Heights offers 76 townhomes that includes a mix of 2 and 3-bedroom units that provide supportive and affordable housing for small families.
A mix of family and individual units, this 42-unit complex serves over 60 people experiencing homelessness a stable home. Our Belvedere project is managed in partnership with Niginan Housing Ventures and provides culturally appropriate support …
Westwood apartments provide a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units for individuals and small families, operated by a supportive management model.
Norwood Boulevard
This 22-unit apartment offers a mix of 2 and 3-bedroom supportive housing units for small families. The building is a mixed market model, with a portion of market rent plus affordable units.
North Glenora Townhomes
This 16-unit townhome is the largest net-zero multi-family housing built in Canada. Steps away from the Coronation School, with a worship space and daycare on the property, it is a celebrated project for Right at Home.
81 Street Apartments
This 17-unit apartment offers a mix of one and two-bedroom units of supportive housing for those needing affordable housing in Edmonton
82 St Corner Homes
82nd Street Corner Homes offers 14 supportive housing units, with a mix of family and individual units at affordable rents
Eastwood Heights
Eastwood Heights contains 34 supportive housing units, a mix of one-bedroom units for individuals and two-bedroom units for small families experiencing housing insecurity.
North McCauley Residence
North McCauley Residence was Right at Home Housing's first housing project. It has since been renovated. It offers supportive affordable housing to medium sized families.
McCauley West for Large Families
McCauley West is a row housing fourplex which offers 4 and 5-bedroom units for larger families. The housing is operated with a supportive housing management model.