As Right at Home Housing Society expands its reach and serves more of our population that faces housing insecurity, we choose to continue to innovate on how we develop comprehensive solutions for affordable housing. Our Millbourne Mews site is a well-maintained property that has been managed in partnership with Ayre & Oxford Inc for over 30 years, offering affordable units to small families and individuals. More than two years ago, we started discussions around leveraging an underused portion of the land to better serve our communities. These conversations sparked some creative designs to develop more living space for larger families. Our newest extension to the Millbourne Mews site will host townhomes consisting of four four-bedroom units and two five-bedroom units. Each unit will also have access to a private amenity area, encouraging these families to genuinely feel at home. While we have seen an increased positive response to the Yes In My Backyard (YIMBY) movement, Right at Home chooses to be a living example by saying “Yes, In Our Backyard” too!


An investment from the Government of Alberta propelled this project forward.The capital investment from the Province will ensure these homes stay affordable for generations. . We are grateful for our continued partnership with Ayre & Oxford Inc. to maintain management of these new homes, as well as expanding our partnership with EMCN to help select appropriate families to join the community. As always, we build our tenants up through providing additional supports and we will work in partnership with EMCN to ensure the success of these families.


The townhomes will be move-in ready towards the end of February 2019.

Recent near-completiong construction on our Millbourne townhomes, with an inset render of the final look

Recent near-completed construction on our Millbourne townhomes, with an inset render of the final look