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Right at Home Housing Society’s newest initiative involves the construction of 78 housing units in 4 separate communities. We are committed to providing the best possible management to ensure these new projects fit well into the established neighbhourhoods they will call home.

These efforts will accommodate approximately 250 people, and will house a significant number of families. The housing units will offer a mix of apartment style and town-home units of various sizes, ranging from single-bedroom to 5-bedroom units.


Our newest developments will provide housing to a diverse range of families and individuals. This will include those who can afford rents at the ‘low-end’ of market rates, others who can only afford rents well below market, and residents who have disabilities and require additional supports. We are particularly proud of the fact that these new developments will incorporate environmentally responsible design.

If you are inquiring about the new project in North Glenora, please note that our tenancy is determined in partnership with the Mennonite Centre for Newcomers.