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Voting YES In My Back Yard


An affordable home for all Albertans is a must!  In the upcoming election, we encourage you to ask your local candidates if they  plan to be a champion for affordable housing and commit resources to build more homes to  lift more Albertans out of poverty.

Right at Home’s Executive Director, Cam McDonald, spoke to EndPoverty Edmonton about the importance of affordable housing in this upcoming provincial election and how policy makers can make a difference in the lives of many Edmontonians who currently struggle to make ends meet.


How important is the issue of affordable housing in the near future?


Cam McDonald explains in the featured video that “there are a lot of families in Edmonton…paying well over 30% of their household income towards rent. Affordable housing is a key component in overcoming poverty in Edmonton.”. He has some ideas on what would truly make a difference in this area: “We need, I would say 5000 units just in the short-term of affordable housing, and then even further to that, how are we going to move and effectively address the 50,000 households that are in core housing need?” We will need strong commitment from the Provincial Government to help us meet this major need.


Your voice will make a difference


Speaking from the heart, Cam reflects on how important it is to use our voice to stand up for those who may not have the ability to do so, or who simply just can’t afford to. “I just imagine that if…I had to choose between groceries, a power bill, or rent…how do you make those choices when you don’t have enough to go around?”

Right at Home Housing encourages everyone who has the opportunity to ask their local candidates  how they are helping to create affordable housing strategies, and to vote yes for affordable housing in Alberta.

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