Right at Home Housing Society administered our 2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey in July. This blog post focuses on the highlights of the survey results. The analysis offers transparency to our supporters. It focuses on areas where we continue to satisfy our tenants, as well as those we aim to work harder at achieving.

Demographics2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results: 18.63 response from families, 23.28% response from individuals

Each tenant received a survey in their mailbox to allow for confidentiality.  Sixty-three responses were received, reaching 18.63% of our family residents, and 23.28% of our adult residents (Figure 5.2). While we hoped for a higher response rate to the survey, the responses offer an equal voice from both household types.

2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results: length of time spent in housing - 51% over 6 years

In addition, the demographics demonstrated a fact that Right at Home Housing Society prides itself on. Approximately half of our tenants are long-term residents, having lived in our housing for more than 6 years (Figure 5.3). This is a direct result of the stability and supportive management style offered to our tenants. We are proud to have our services considered as an option for permanent and long-term housing.



Dedicated, Compassionate Staff

Our staff received positive feedback on their ability to welcome, understand, and provide services to the tenants.  Figure 1.0 reports extreme satisfaction with most staff members . Right at Home underwent some shifts in maintenance structure earlier this year. Such changes are expected to improve both the quality and timeliness of maintenance procedures concerning tenants’ housing.  The suggested improvements were not fully witnessed at the time of the 2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey. Although the majority are very satisfied with the current procedures (Figure 3.0), we are hoping to see extreme satisfaction in the future.

2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results: high satisfaction with staff members


2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results: some improvement needed with maintenance

Overall Satisfaction is High2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results: 72% say quality of life has improved

Quality of life measures several areas, such as safety, accessibility, and satisfaction with neighbours who reside in our buildings. The survey results showed 72% of responses indicate Right at Home Housing Society has improved our tenants’ quality of life (Figure 4.1). We are pleased to be improving the lives of the tenants we serve and providing them a place to call home.


We thank all those who participated in the 2017 Tenant Satisfaction Survey, and continue to prioritize our tenants’ needs moving forward.