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Right at Home believes:

A home is a basic human right.  Our values reflect that everyone deserves an enduring, permanent sense of comfort and safety that comes from secure, attainable and accessible housing.

VISION [what we strive for]

A city where everyone has a safe and supportive home.

MISSION [what we strive for]

Right At Home strengthens communities by building and managing permanent housing that is affordable, safe, and supportive for people facing housing insecurity in Edmonton.

VALUES [why we do what we do]

• We believe good housing contributes to the health and safety of individuals, families, and communities.

• We believe a home is essential for everyone and is fundamental to reducing poverty.

• We believe in all people’s inherent dignity and worth, and embrace diversity in our communities.

• We acknowledge systemic inequality and have empathy for all life situations.

• We are committed to being good neighbours, ensuring well-managed properties, investment in local communities, and environmentally sustainable decisions.

• We acknowledge our responsibility to influence social systems through positive action, and believe fairness and justice are foundations for thriving and resilient communities.


Review our Strategic Plan to get a better scope of our goals for the next five years.